"In Clones We Trust"

tri state clone
The first 7-10 days are vital, because the cannabis clone is in its infant stage and is extremely sensitive.
Therefore, we’ve created this list of tips to help you ensure that your new flower grows to be a stunning, healthy and beautiful flower.

 When you arrive at home, your clone is now ready to be transplanted in the medium for growth you prefer.

The plant should be inside the Veg (Vegetative Cycle) over the next 2 weeks.

  • Indoors: – Place the plant in a dark lighting.
  • Growing outside:¬†There is no direct sunlight in this moment.
ready clones
cannibus clone tri state
A lot of light quickly can cause shock to the plant.
The ideal room temperature for cloned plants is 75-78 degrees.Try not to move or touch the plant often by leaving it in its natural environment and ensuring that the food is provided to the clone best.The Clone is changing to a teen but is in Veg mode. The aim is to let the roots develop robust. The most common mistake made by people is feeding the plants too much that can lead to mold and rot in the final product.Every cultivator has their own routines and feeding strategies that are in place. It’s best to decide what is best with you.Plants flowering times can vary however, on average it can take between 56 and 70 days for your plant to be fully geared up to harvest.We hope that you’ve found these tips useful and you’ll enjoy growing cannabis as much we do.
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