Chimera # 2

This legendary hybrid between White Truffle and THE CREATURE is a wonderful illustration of a plant that fulfills all requirements! Buds of LOVE that are harvest weight 3/light and of incredible quality and trichome adornment! The terpene profile is out of this world, with notes of butterscotch, caramel, port wine, and orange tic tacos. Trichome coverage is EXTREME. Flavors maintain the terps character and come over the tongue with a thick, creamy smoke mixed with custard, creme brulee, and flan flavors that all blend together beautifully to create something that is quite similar to butterscotch pudding. Just a delight to grow, with enormous colas of blooms that unquestionably require additional trellis and support. She completes in 70 days with a 4% fresh frozen yield.

Chimera # 2


Disclaimer: According to lab testing, all cuttings have a THC content of less than 0.03%, making them Farm Bill compliant.


All of our clients are urged to abide by the rules established by their nation, state or province, and local governments. Every sale shall be regarded as being made SOLELY FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES! If they are used in any way that may be regarded as unlawful or illegal, we disclaim all liability.


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