Empress Kush Marijuana Strain

Empress Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was developed by a strong cross of the renowned Chem D X Emperor OG Kush strains (75% Indica/25% sativa). With long-lasting effects that will have you lounging around and feeling completely at ease for hours on end, this ultimate queen of indicas is ideal for any fan of the classics. A few minutes after your last hit, the Empress Kush high begins with a gentle pressure behind the eyes and on the forehead, gently expelling any anxious or racing thoughts and leaving you in a state of exuberant happiness. Then, a soothing, all-encompassing high suddenly descends over you, leaving you helplessly couch-locked and occasionally rather hungry. Because of these results and its high average

Empress Kush Marijuana Strain


THC concentration of 15–19% Empress Kush has a high THC content and a low CBD content, making it ideal for treating diseases including chronic pain, nausea or anorexia, Multiple Sclerosis, sleeplessness, and long-term stress. This flower has a sour lemony exhale and a spicy diesel taste. Once the nugs are broken up and smoked, the scent becomes very earthy and spicy with a strong herbal chemical undertone. Conical forest green nugs with dark amber hairs and a layer of frosty dusty amber crystal trichomes cover the Empress Kush buds.


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