Frosted Flakes Marijuana Strain

Frosted Flakes has an indica/sativa ratio of 70:30 and is a dominantly Indica strain. It is a hybrid of White Bubba and pre-98. Its 19% THC concentration induces complete bodily relaxation. The reason it gained its name in the first place is that the buds give the appearance of having been dipped in coke and smell like cereal. It is less well-known than other breeds you may have already encountered, though. It does resemble the white widow somewhat, and it also has a strong, incense-like flaflavorhe height is extremely lovely and won’t lock to your sofa.

Frosted Flakes Marijuana Strain


You’ll be energized and ecstatic, and you’ll be able to do anything. After smoking the strain, to do. It won’t give you a particularly strong high, but it will give you a pleasant body buzz—not enough to please a cannabis user. Patients with a range of various medical issues are better off using the strain. Anorexia, stress, sadness, sleeplessness, and even chronic aches can all be effectively treated with it.


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