GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain

GMO Cookies, commonly referred to as “Garlic Cookies,” are a highly Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was produced by mating the strong Chemdawg X Girl Scout Cookies strains (90% Indica/10% sativa). GMO Cookies is a popular among indica enthusiasts worldwide because of their intensely tranquil effect and extremely potent scent. This flower has a mouthwateringly savory garlic flavor and a spicy, pungent exhale that lingers on your tongue for a while after your last puff. With an overall pungency and overtones of spicy decaying coffee, the fragrance is incredibly strong and intense. The high from GMO Cookies is definitely something to witness; its protracted effects will keep you feeling ecstatic for hours before you finally fall asleep soundly.

GMO Cookies Marijuana Strain


You will feel complete. With a profound sensation of relaxation that pervades both your mind and body and has strong sedative effects, you’ll feel completely at ease and elevated. GMO Cookies is touted as the ideal option for treating individuals who suffer from diseases including chronic pain sleeplessness, inflammation, chronic tiredness, depression, and chronic stress thanks to these effects and its high 20–24% average THC content. This bud features flat, elongated, very thick olive green nugs with tiny dark amber crystal trichomes and thin orange hairs.


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