Juicy Jack Marijuana Strain

Juicy Jack is a traditional Juicy Fruit X Jack Herer strain that was crossed to produce a Sativa-dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% Indica). With an average THC content of 24-25%, this celebrity offspring is sought after for its extremely sweet flavor and potent effects. The flavor of Juicy Jack is out of a dream; it has a very sweet tropical citrus flavor and an even sweeter flowery mango aftertaste that appears to swell with delicious fruitiness as you smoke. Once the nugs are broken apart and smoked, a spicy berry scent emerges that becomes sweeter and berry-like in flavor. The perfume is quite musky and earthy in character. The mental stimulation of the Juicy Jack high is highly upbeat and joyful in character.

Juicy Jack Marijuana Strain


A sativa-dominant hybrid strain called Juicy Jack (75% sativa/25% Indica) was developed. The high begins with a euphoric head rush that immediately lifts your spirits and makes you feel on top of the world. This is followed by a sensation of creative inspiration that inspires you for hours on end and provides jobs requiring artistic expression with a foggy concentration that ebbs and flows. Afterward, you’ll experience a soothing body buzz that keeps you pain-free rather than sedating you or impairing your ability to carry out daily tasks. Juicy Jack is the ideal alternative for treating problems including chronic pain, sleeplessness, mild to moderate instances of melancholy, mood swings, and anxiety because of these benefits and its extraordinarily high THC content. A sativa-dominant hybrid strain called Juicy Jack (75% sativa/25% indica) was developed. The nugs on this bud are large, lumpy, thick, spade-shaped, forest green, and covered in a thin layer of trichomes, tasty sticky resin, and dark amber hairs. trichomes as well as delicious, sticky resin.


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